Build Season: Week 4

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19 Days to Ship Date
35 Days to Florida Regional
49 Days to Boston Regional
Team Updates:
The Field
The field is now about 80% done.  All the carpet has been replaced with green carpet.  The two bumps have been completed.  There is one tower and ‘ball feeder’ built.  The goals have not been built yet, but are in process.
The electronics group says they are working well.  Their explination proved a general lack of understanding on my part about ‘new’ robotics electronics, but at least they know what they are doing.
Students are practicing driving regularly on an old robot with big wheels.  A drivable version of our robot should be on the field by this weekend.  The driving exam with be early next week.
The Robot
A rather complex drive train is in the works.  It should be wired by the end of Thursday and drivable by the weekend.
The Cart
The robot cart construction has fallen the wayside in leau of Robot Construction
The animation is coming along well.  There are three scenes of it almost completed and the deadline is February 15th.
Chairman’s Video
A video of the years construction is being put together.  Right now there is about an hour of footage.  This collection is begun with a voice over, and will later include student interviews.

(Courtesy of Chris Johnson – HYPER Alumni)

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