2011 Game Hint #1

The 2011 FIRST Robotics Competition Game Hint #1 has been released.

What could it be? Please comment with your ideas! Discuss!

  1. Nathan

    Will her name is Little Eva.
    Her number one song is locomotion http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5OoQadZTPk

  2. Chris

    So what are the odds of this year’s game being 3 robots tied together like a train?

  3. Tom

    It could also be something involving a track around the stage, or even above the stage, where the robots have to hang and travel across the stage

  4. Mr Smith
    Mr Smith01-02-2011

    Train tracks?
    You are all crazy!
    I still think it will be submarines or blimps!

  5. Chris

    Submarines would be awesome.
    Bluefin would be in its element with that.

  6. jhon

    why would it be submarines what does that have to do with her

    • Chris

      We’re just thinking outside the box. Speculation is half the fun.

  7. Nathan

    The game hint 2 is the FIRST logo. May be is mean Is game first have do in the past. Like the 2003 game. Because She die in 2003 and the columns mean will have be to stacking something to make a columns. will going around a tracks. to pick the thing

  8. Jay Ming
    Jay Ming01-08-2011

    Locomotion + LOGO = LOGOMOTION…

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