Update 1-17-2011

Our next student meeting will be Wednesday 1-19-11 from 3:00-9:00.

Parent/Guardian Night

Reminder: Our parents night will start at 7:00 Wednesday so spread the word!


All students should have completed and returned all medical information and paid their user fee at this point. Wednesday there will be an updated list for all students and you will be sent home if not complete!


Safety Training should be complete. If you have not completed the safety training and passed the test you are not allowed to use tools. Last week we started prototyping and it will become an every day occurrence that we are using tools.

Connecticut Trip

The first $100 payment for the Connecticut Trip is due Friday 1-21-11. Your student travel agreement is also due this day. We will be finalizing our travel plans over the weekend and must have an updated list. You are still able to fundraise so talk to Mr. Smith about how much you will owe.

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