UNH Competition Day1

We’re finally here, guys! Today was our first day in the FIRST UNH competition and the team had  lot of fun. Ending up in rank 26 out of 36 for the day, the HYPER team had some great moments, but some issues as well. The team had 3 wins and 5 losses. The wins happened in matches 11, 28 and 48. In match 11, we were aided by teams 176 (Aces High) and 3499 (River’s Edge). In this mach, we had a great performance: The Alliance ended up with the top score of the day, with 210 points! Here, hard team work proved to be a great path to victory. In match 28, we were aided by teams 509(Red Storm) and  5286(Trojonix). Unfortunately, the team had also some issues. We had 5 losses, which happened in matches 6, 18, 24 ,31 and 40. In match 6, Team 69 was aided by teams 4925(The Resistance) and 3236(TRIFORCE). In match 18, we were aided by teams 166(Chop Shop) and 1307(Robosaints). In match 24, teams 1761(Lynn Tech) and 1289(Gearheadz) helped us and in match 31, teams 151(Tough Techs) and 4042(Murphy’s Lawyers) supported team HYPER. It wasn’t an easy day, but the team has enjoyed the experience and has been working hard to try to do better tomorrow, improve our scores and ranking. Thanks for everybody’s support!

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