Team HYPER consists of many students, teachers, alumni, engineers, and volunteers. Each member has an area of expertise, or a hobby. Team HYPER consists of four main sub-teams that allow our members to give what they want to give, and participate with what they want to participate with.

There is more to Team HYPER than robots. The “Team” in Team HYPER emphasizes the fact that it takes many different people doing many different activities working together to make this program a success. New Students are encouraged to explore the different sub-teams and find the one that best suits their interests.

Though all activities are centered around building a robot for competition, they are not limited to just the robot. We are proud to provide students with a forum for exploring potential careers in all areas. If you want to do something to benefit the team that is not mentioned, feel free to make a proposal to a Staff Member. We provide the environment and opportunity, but it is up to you to figure out how you can contribute to the team.

Helping Youth Pursue Engineering & Robotics
QPS Bluefin Team #69