This year the Website Team of HYPER Robotics unveiled a brand new design and Content Management System. Called HYPER Online the new website is managed using the free online software called WordPress to organize the website and allow non-web members to make contributions to the site on their own, updating pages, posting content, and uploading pictures.

Website Team

Each year the website is run by a group of students guided by mentors of Team HYPER. Working from day one, the Web Team creates a template and then the content of the website.


Michael Gendron, QPS & Mentor
Chris McGroarty, Alumni & Lead Web Mentor
Jin Lem, Alumni & Media Mentor


Website History

For as long as there has been a Team 69 HYPER Robotics, there has been a website. To begin it was just a small site with a bit of information about the Team and its Members, as well as some photographs from that year’s Build Season and Competitions. In Team HYPER’s 13 year’s as a FIRST Robotics team, the website has slowly evolved to fit the needs of the Team. The site was built from the ground up on a yearly basis, with whatever features the Team thought they would need. A forum, a photo gallery, a content management system, a blog, or just a way to access files. If the Team Administrators or Students needed something, the site would adapt quickly to incorporate their needs.


With the new site came a large amount of new functionality. The wide range of options offered by PHP and the WordPress Extension Directory allowed even the least code-oriented member of the Team to implement amazing features that really bring the site together.

There are 50 plugins installed to the HYPER Online WordPress platform, ranging from a Contact Form to a Countdown Clock, a Photo Gallery to URL Shortener, a Video Player to Mobile Device Detector. Each plugin helps the website run efficiently and provides excellent functionality to the Team at no cost.


This year’s template was an attempt to try something new. Deviating from the Team Website’s recent use of white backgrounds, this year the goal was to make different. The site would represent HYPER, and was a tool that could be used for almost anything the Team desired.

The template is built around the WordPress framework, with the PHP function calls necessary to run nested in by HTML and styled with a CSS page. There are a total of 25 different pages in the template that is HYPER Online. An index page, regular page, full width page, archive page, 404 page, category and tag page, style sheet, theme functions, sidebars, search pages, overall headers and footers, comment pages, and more. Each ties together with the others to create what is being displayed on this page at this very moment.

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