Lego League

Team HYPER hosts the FLL Quincy Qualifier each year for over 40 teams, hailing from all around the New England area. The day starts off with all the kids coming in, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, with lego robots under their arms, and buckets full of dreams. As the teams roll in, they line up at our registration area, ensuring that everyone's accounted for so events go as smoothly as possible. After registration, the teams make their way to the tables set up as their pit area with their projects, robots, and supplies. If they wish, they have the option of  working out the last kinks in their designs at the practice table. It is moderated by Team HYPER members to ensure all teams are allowed equal opportunities for use of the facility. Finally, there are also screens set up so members in the pit area can be kept up to date on the results of the most recent matches and overall standings. In the main portion of the arena, there are bleachers for students, mentors, teachers, alumni, parents, and any other spectators to join in on the sport of the mind. In the center are two pairs of playing fields set up for qualification and elimination matches for the event. Found on the sides of the fields are two screens which broadcast to the audience a close-up of both matches, as well as standings and scores in between each match. Not to mention that there is exciting and energizing music being pumped throughout the whole arena to add some nice ambiance to the whole experience (specific songs can also be requested through a Team HYPER music request site!). We also have a raffle station for our spectators and attendees to have a chance at winning some great prizes while contributing to Team HYPER's fundraising goals. Last, but not least, there is a first aid station located near the field in case of any potential emergency, as well as a registered nurse on hand. As the matches progress throughout the morning, there are also presentations going on in the technical, academic, and core values judging areas.  In the technical judging area, a team's robot is evaluated on the creativity with which the structure was designed, as well as how robust and original the design is. In the academic judging area, the team's research and project presentation is evaluated based on the quality of the research and how innovative their approach to the problem set forth by FIRST was. In the core values area, a team's overall attitude and representation of FIRST's core ideals such as gracious professionalism and coopertition are discussed. The students talk about moments when these touted values were represented and how they try to incorporate these values into their own team and lives each and every day. All of this inspiration and explosion of creativity and innovation can really get some stomachs growling, so halfway through the day, everyone breaks for lunch in the arena's cafeteria for some delicious food cooked by our own Team HYPER students and mentors. After the delicious dining, the day continues with more driving, presenting,  and overall wackiness, we come upon the elimination rounds of the matches and the deliberation of judges. Once the final showdown, full of anxiety, hope, fear, and excitement, comes to an end, there is a final award ceremony in which teams can be awarded awards ranging from Excellent Research to the Judges Award, from the Championship Award to the coveted Chairman's Award. Seeing these kids leave with smiles, knowing they worked hard and left with something important, whether it was a shared team moment, or personal glory, the best feeling comes when they enthusiastically say with a grin, "I can't wait till next year!"


For the past 15 years, Team HYPER Robotics has hosted a First Lego League Robotics Competition. For the 16th year, Team HYPER proudly hosted a Massachusetts State Championship Qualifier. On December 7th, 48 teams from around the state will gather in North Quincy High School to compete with gracious professionalism. Displaying ingenuity and innovation with their robots, research projects, and team spirit.

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