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HYPER stands for Helping Youth Pursue Engineering & Robotics, a goal we could never reach without the help and support our volunteers and sponsors provide. Without the help of our volunteers, Team HYPER Robotics would not be the same. QPS Teachers, HYPER Alumni, Engineers, family and Friends, all contribute to Team HYPER in amazing ways. Whether it be directly influencing the design and construction of our robot, providing meals, planning trips, or driving your student to robotics on the weekends, everything our volunteers do helps HYPER be HYPER.

Not A Technical Person

Many people mistakenly believe that because they are not technically inclined they cannot really help a FIRST Robotics Team. They are all wrong. Team HYPER receives all kinds of help from all kinds of people, and we are always grateful for more.

Non-Engineering Mentor Organization (NEMO) is meant to help the parents, teachers, and sponsors who volunteer at FIRST teams with almost everything not related to building the robot.

As NEMO’s Homepage reads:

The logo for NEMO is the feather, as taken from the magic feather in Disney’s Dumbo. In the film, the feather helps Dumbo gain the confidence to take flight, much as a NEM is an integral part of allowing a team to get off the ground. The mentor is the main support, the “wind beneath the wings” for the team.

NEMO was founded in May of 2004 by Kathie Kentfield and Jenny Beatty to give support top all the non-engineering mentors on FIRST Teams. If you would like more information about “finding” NEMO, then send a private message to “KathieK” (Kathie Kentfield) or “RoboMom” (Jenny Beatty) through ChiefDelphi Forums.

Helping Youth Pursue Engineering & Robotics
QPS Bluefin Team #69