FLL 2013

The 2013 FIRST Lego League Quincy Qualifier Competition. Hosted by Team HYPER Robotics at North Quincy High School. Photos courtesy of Mr. Smith.

Presidents Cup 2013

Robot Build 2013

Photos from the construction of our 2013 robot.

Candids 2013

Candid shots from our 2013 meetings.

Field Build 2013

Once again we dedicated an entire day to building our FRC 2013 ULTIMATE ASCENT field.

Prototyping 2013

Our initial 2013 Prototyping for different robot designs and functions.

Brainstorming 2013

Photos from our 2013 Brainstorming session during the first few meetings.

Safety Training 2013

Photos from our mandatory safety training for all students.

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QPS Bluefin Team #69