Joseph Nelson

High School

I go to North Quincy High School.


I am in 11th grade.

Years on Team

This is my third year on the team.

Areas of the Team

I am interested in the

  • mechanical
  • chairmans
aspects of the team.


If I could have a superpower, I would choose Captain Planet's.


If I could be any animal, I would be a(n) A Human.

What Made Me Interested in Robotics

I was into technology and I joined my Middle School's Lego Robotics Team. Moreover my older brother inspired to join Robotics.

My Hobbies Include

Studying history, playing Video Games

The Impact I Wish to have on Team HYPER

I help to organize nuts, bolts and screws. This enables the rest of the team to reliably find parts for the robot. Also I do aid in scouting. Moreover I have helped to write Woodie Flowers and Chairman's.

Favorite Part of Team HYPER

I like the relationships I have made with plenty of people on the team. The technical skills I have gained moreover are a great skill to have. Also I do enjoy when we get pizza-pizza is always good.

Let's Talk About HYPER

If I had five minutes to talk to a new student about HYPER, I would say:

I would tell them that HYPER is more than simply building a robot. It is an experience of meeting new people, forging new bonds, and having fun. Moreover I would tell them that HYPER does not just need students who are good in STEM classes, but they can always use additional students to recruit other students or to help pen Woodie Flowers.

What is your favorite colour!?


What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

What do you mean? An African or European swallow?

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