Junbong Jang

High School

I go to Quincy High School.


I am in 10th grade.

Years on Team

This is my first year on the team.

Areas of the Team

I am interested in the

  • programming
  • drive team
  • pit crew
aspects of the team.


If I could be any animal, I would be a(n) Hawk.

College Plans

I will be going to college.
I would like to attend MIT.

What Made Me Interested in Robotics

The name itself.

My Hobbies Include

programming, math, games.

The Impact I Wish to have on Team HYPER

I got more interested in engineering and programming.

Favorite Part of Team HYPER


Someone Would Describe Me As


Engineering Plans

I will pursue a career in engineering.


Let's Talk About HYPER

If I had five minutes to talk to a new student about HYPER, I would say:

If you like to learn about anything in the field of engineering, you will love it.

What is your favorite colour!?


What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?


Helping Youth Pursue Engineering & Robotics
QPS Bluefin Team #69