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Open for Business

Team, We are open tonight. Please use your judgement with the weather. The storm is going to be on and off over the next 24 hours. Please be safe and stay home if you do not have a reliable mode of transportation. There is a chance we close early so please continue to check your email or call 617-376-1100 before …

Team Photo

We will have a team photo tomorrow so please bring your shirts again and be here.

Student Portraits 2014

This weekend we are going to be taking student portraits for the website, so please bring and/or wear your shirts this weekend.

Progress Update 1/29

We’ve done it! the drive train has been tested and now works. We will do more testing on the field tomorrow to properly modify strafing and other functions. Along with the drive train we also have a set of complete bumpers for the 2014 system.

2014 FIRST Scholarships Meeting

Notice to all Juniors and Seniors: there is a scholarship meeting tomorrow (1/25/2014) at 11:30am. Parents are welcome and invited to attend. All interested students (which should be ALL juniors and seniors) should meet at the church beforehand, and will walk over as a group to the high school (QHS Room C325), where the meeting is to be held.

Programming and Electrical Update

Much of Saturday consisted of review for the rookies on the team. Electrical focused on making proper PWMs and learning how to solder wires to achieve good connections. Programming students focused on writing code for the joysticks. The students used quadratic equations to build a piece-wise defined function to control the speed of the robot based on joystick input. They …

Midyears Break

There will be no Robotics meetings 1/21 to 1/23, so that students will study for their midyear exams. Good Luck!

Design Decision General Meeting (1/18/2014)

Hey, guys! Tomorrow (1/18), the Robotics Team will have a design meeting decision at 1pm. That way, engineers and students will plan out the team’s design so when students come back from mid-years, they will be able to build the robot!

2014 Build Schedule

The 2014 Build Schedule has been posted to the site. Please refer to it for HYPER events and meetings, and continue to check your email and HYPER Online (this site) for updates and changes.

Meetings Cancelled Due to Storm

Team, Due to the forecasted weather and school cancellation we are also cancelling robotics on Friday 2/8 and Saturday 2/9. This means the chairmans day will be postponed and bottle/can drive cancelled. If you know of people with bottles and cans it would be great if they could return on their own and then make a donation to the team. …

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